Idylwood Presbyterian Church was founded in 1914, when the area around the church was truly rural.  Small farms dotted the countryside, a doctor made house calls on horseback, and people knew their neighbors for miles around.

The community has changed dramatically since those days, of course.  Cows have given way to condominiums, making it possible for thousands of new neighbors to move into the vicinity of the church.

Dramatic change has occurred in this church also since those early days, but some things haven't changed much.  Many people say that Idylwood Presbyterian, with its friendliness and warmth, reminds them of the church they grew up in "back home."  The simple charm and dignity of the original church building enhance that impression. 

At the same time, we are members of this fast-paced culture. Sermons at IPC touch on contemporary issues and real-life struggles. When a church member is in need, or a crisis hits our world, we respond quickly, supporting one another and responding to the needs of our community. 

We are on a journey. We seek to know God better and to follow in the way of Jesus, right where we are. We don't have all the answers, but together we explore the deep questions of faith.

IPC, Fall 2012

IPC, Fall 2012